Saturday, May 12, 2007


That's how I fared this year, thanks to a hedging bet on Serbia. Although Ukraine had been favourites throughout there was just no way it was going to win. Russia's pretty girls might have appealed to the younger voters but following Andorra's early exit it was pretty clear that younger votes don't count for much. On the night there were some disappointing performances, notably Ireland's. Other's raised their game - Moldova and those trousers were one a very few that inspired, along with the slightly scary but spot-on Finland and the excellent Hungary.

The Serbian song was a worthy winner, so at least all wasn't as bad as it could have been had Greece, Turkey or Ukraine squeezed through.

I simply can't believe how many points Armenia got after what sounded to me an absolutely awful performance. Scooch didn't really put on the best of shows and were lucky to get some points. I was totally wrong on that one. What seemed a real fun show and an instantly memorable tune failed to move anyone except our friends in Ireland and the very British Malta. The jokes were just lost on everyone else and we should have gone along with Sir Terry's first announcement - a brilliant ballad which would have given the strange girl from the Balkans a run for her money.

Apart from some impressive lighting and set effects, the Finns put on a bizarre show with some ridiculous pink girl filling the gaps badly and shots of what looked a very uninteresting country which I'm sure it isn't.

What was really wrong was the voting display. It was impossible to see the totals and having 42 countries voting meant that the first 7 votes went up in one go with just the 8, 10 and 12 points being announced. There were precious few looks at the leaderboard too so you had no idea really how things were going other than from talk about the top one or two.

This year may well be the last in its present form. There have to be serious doubts about some of the early exits, or even why they had to qualify in the first place. The voting this year was quite extraordinary, the blocks even more heavily influencing the outcome by their very size. Roughly half the votes were from Balkan and Russian countries and I guess it's sort of understandable that they'll vote for their neighbours which, statistically, makes it almost impossible for anyone else to have a look-in. I hadn't taken enough account of that and wasted some money on a couple of entries.

Oh well that's another year.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Ukraine 6-
Belarus 6
Serbia 8+
Sweden 11
Russia 11+
Bulgaria 16+
Latvia 22
Hungary 28++
Greece 34
Germany 40
Turkey 40+
Slovenia 42
UK 50+

UK, Greece, Latvia, Russia recommended. Hungary as a long shot, watch Ukraine and hedge.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

United Kingdom

It's a rare pleasure to write that we stand a really good chance of winning this year. An excellent, damned catchy number, immaculately written and presented by four people who you can't help but sing along with. OK, you don't want to admit to that but I reckon a good number will and they just seem to have got everything right IF the voting follows the EuroV style and the e-bloc gets split.

Odds'll probably be too short to make a bet exciting. There may be a big change this year though and the interesting entries that got rhough the semis might be a sign that there are more straights than gays in the new voting booths. If so, we may be in for a surprise. Watch the odds very carefully. Good luck, guys, anyway. You'll get a top three position for sure.


A passionate bloke with someone playing a flute. But not a lot else to catch any votes, especially with so many excellent competitors from their part of the world. A lower half finisher.


There's simply no way this would have got through a semi final had they been not got through automatically. Weird blokes seem to be all the rage this year but simply not as brilliantly, theatrically weird as Finland won with last year. Another chance for a pee if you need one.


It's always nice to be certain about something. These ugly weirdos from Ukraine will do badly and spoil the memories of that lovely girl who won a while ago. Sort of puts you off the country a bit too which is unfortunate as there are still piles of smart birds there.


Light but not fantastic.


Swing's back and this is a unique entry and well done at that. Love the hat and can't yet make my mind up what to say. That could be what happens on the night in the voting booths. let's put it this way. It won't win so we may as well move on.


never quite figured out how Russia got into Europe but they're in EuroV and, once again, this is an excellent entry. they've got things worked out well. The piano trick worked well for them last year and Tatu were pretty much the only class pop act the year before but no-one likes Russia much. This year we've got Tatu sings Britney which a few years ago would have been a great combination. the track deserves chart success over here but will it get any votes in Euro-land? Ought to but probably won't which'll make the odds long enough to make a few pounds a fun bet.


Our neighbours across the water do seem to have lost the will to do EuroV these days. This is useless. A bunch of ugly old blokes. Forget it and make some coffee or have a pee.


Solo girl plus guitar. Nice. Not a winner, though.


The home team, but no longer are the hosts guaranteed a few votes from everyone like it used to be, out of politeness if nothing else. However, this girl's good and it's a strong number that you can't ignore. Watch out for this. No-one's backing it yet but there's something about it that appeals.


Every year, with only a couple of odd exceptions, Ireland demonstrate just how brilliantly everyone over there can hit notes spot on and write great tunes. This is good but I can't see it winning. Bit like most other years, really, although it deserves to do better. An outside shot, especially if the E-bloc want to show that they don't always vote for each other.


Only caught a quick snatch of this one but it looks very ethnic and there are far better from the boys and girls on the E-bloc so they'll probably be in the bottom half.


Now here's a top five contender. Could win but hope it doesn't as I'm not backing it. Strong modern-style track that'll go down well with the discos but after a few shake it ups you tend to feel that's enough for this year thanks. May come 2nd if you want an each-way bet.


Good-looking guys will get plenty of votes but it's not a winning song.


Without Norway or Denmark they'll pick up the Scandinavian votes but their pretty average glam stuff with pyrotechniques doesn't stand much chance.

Semi finalists that should go through

OK, these are the ones that should qualify, for better or worse

Latvia +
FYR Macedonia +
Belarus +
Serbia +
Slovenia +
Georgia +
Hungary +

Yes, I know, that's 11 but I wanted to mention Hungary again.

+ means they did get through. Amazing that neither Andorra nor Switzerland made it.


If the guys looked a bit less odd then it would help. Excellent vocal talent on show. the men just keep appearing and after a while you begin to wonder when they'll stop but finally the chorus gets there and it's a strong entry. Excellent production and a good bet for the top four. Especially as it's totally different from last year's winner which has to be in its favour. get a win on while the odds are long.


Austria always put two fingers up to EuroV in some style. This time they have a good-looking boy-band lead singer with the rest of his mates dressed in red leather doing some odd moves for no particular purpose. Rubbish. It'll be in the top twelve. That's all that's worth saying, really.


One of those annoying pop songs that stand quite a good chance of winning but you really hope they don't because they'll be forgotten the next day. I won't be putting any money on it but I guess it'll be in the top few. Fingers crossed it'll stick at number 5 or 6 and stay there.


One of those entries that you can never really be sure about. It ought to do really well as it's well sung, operatic, even a bit anthemic which could go down well, especiially if the juries like black and slightly larger ladies. A very very very long shot if it gets through the semis, which is by no means certain.


Oh dear. have I gone back to the 70s? Awful singing and who on earth thought we'd want to watch someone in a Boney M throw off costume? This is dreadful. With a bit of luck it won't get through the semis. Possibly the worst of all the entries this year. They've come last eight times. Could make it nine.


Strong song. All performance and sensible stuff with a lot of effort put in but, whilst it'll probably get into the top half it's not going to win. The girl looks like my daughter.


In any normal chart this would be acclaimed. She sounds as though she really means what she says and it's a great, well written song. However, it ain't a normal chart is it. Pity.


On top of the world - good old-fashioned EuroV stuff. Lots of legs and arms and some wobbly notes but husky and a wink will help. No chance though.


One of the better intros. Great trousers. Hope she gets through so we can see them again. If she gets the notes she'll get the votes.


McFly with a bit of an accent. Their combined age is probably less than many of the others' lead singers this year. This is a genuine pop song. Young rock. Groovy stuff, great beat. Cool. If Euro's going to get younger then this will stand an excellent chance. Tip for a winner.


They always make a really good effort and this, whilst not as good as some from previous years, could be a top tenner. Don't back it to win though.


Vampires. OK, let's continue last year's theme. Apart from one scary girl who stands stationary at the back with a very pale face there's little really to justify backing this one.


May appeal to someone and more in tune than many others. Passionate drums and crotch crotch crotchi. Probably a top ten but that's about it.


Making a solid effort with good pop dance stuff and a break in the middle and a lit at the end but, well, that's about it really.


Debut number from a 50s girl. Bit confusing but quite different and strangely stays in the mind afterwards. Odd. A very very very long shot. Watch it if they get through the semis.


Pretty genuine slow rock with plenty of hair and leather but just an album track really.


Intense and seriously black. Clever theatrical effects. Will get plenty of E bloc votes but otherwise not a lot.


Husky. French 90s disco feel but unconvincing and gets boring after a while. No, forget this one.


Little old bloke trying badly to make a joke with some strange-looking colleagues. Push the off button and move on. Useless. Rhythm disappears completely. Chaotic.

FYR Macedonia

You always get the feeling that they care and come up with some solid stuff which is going to break through one year. More accurate notes than most of the others. Longer legs too. This could do very well and should be a top three contender. Good long shot bet.


Pretty typical EuroV fayre. Very shiny, very blonde and very long legs - again. Can't see it getting many votes.


Lots of drums and anxious, almost Bangra beat stuff with some monkey noises thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately it loses the tune half way through.

Czech Republic

Debut entry but I think they must have got the wrong idea - it's not essential to sound like last year's winners to wi this competition. It may help and is a good rock number.


They try very hard and here they come with a good traditional ballad with a violin. One of the better entries but no chance really.


A fat Harry Potter girl. Very serious and if it's time for an anthem then this has some nice flutes and it's the most likely winner from the Balkan bloc.


Pretty girls but the song gets pretty boring, apart from the legs. More modern than most may help it appeal a bit but not that much.


Lots of drums and anxious Hindi-like with monkey noises that did tend to bring back memories of Ukraine a few years ago. It loses the tune half-way through, though. Will finish up about half-way too.


Serious and pretty genuine but it sort of petered out at the end and can't see anyone other than the Eastern bloc voting. Still, there's plenty of them. Unlikely.


Boy George revisited. Reasonably good pop and I guess it has a chance.
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