Friday, August 27, 2010

Gamu sets the standard from the start in XFactor

I sit through the usual nonsense, tweeting something to make people smile . . . and then there's this girl called Gamu. The very very first note is a perfect (and not auto-tuned) squeal and you just know she's going to be good. She was. Watch the video.

Late writing this - the show went out last weekend - and since then there's been a great outcry about the annoying auto-tune that most acts seemed to need to avoid us turning off before advertisers had a chance to sell us their wares. If Idol Headlines are to believed, however, Simon Cowell has said that they won't be used and the programme scheduled for tomorrow has been substituted for a later one from the auditions. (Presumably while they de-tune some performances!)

That's probably good news but, in moderation, auto-tune's OK with me. So many top drawer artists use it regularly nowadays and I have a feeling that it won't make a lot of difference to the success of contestants. There's just that something about some of them that makes them special. Crystal and Didi had it in American Idol. I suppose you could call it the 'x' factor!
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