Saturday, August 27, 2011

X Factor UK returns

Well, we're two weeks in and there really hasn't been much to rave about here. I can only imagine that the producers are saving up a whole bunch of talent for later shows. Last week Janet Devlin looked and sounded like a winner and no-one has come close in the pretty slow second week.

I'd expected so much from Liverpool too. We had the long, drawn out back story for Misha who then gave us a reasonably good rendition of Respect and a couple of weirdos in Johnny, Craig and another RickWakeman-Susan Boyle love child in some guy who did a Meatloaf track. The Keys were the first group to impress (although there were one or two that appeared to shoot through in last week's Xtra Factor). We had a glimpse of an Olly junior who seemed good as well as Derry and another guy called something like Amster to join the ranks with Kitty in boot camp but no-one has yet matched the one stand out audition so far.

American Idol do, at least, seem to fit in most of the people who stand some chance and, bearing in mind that these auditions took place ages ago, they've got a pretty good idea now so why can't X Factor show more quality material? In fact, I reckon there's been more on Xtra Factor so far! Anyway, here's the current favourite for now.

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