Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Voice UK Top 20 Pt2 Review

In no particular order... Now, where have I heard that before?! Quite surprised to see several of them wearing exactly the same dresses as last night. Odd. Maybe the BBC's budget didn't stretch to two.

This is the results show. Mercifully short and Tom has to choose between Gandalf & The Fringe and Sam. I'd thought Sam would have got the granny vote but clearly there weren't enough and it would have been a reasonable bet that the odd couple would get the lowest votes. had to choose between Joelle and Sophie. Not the two I would have predicted so that's an interesting guide to who's voting.

Lana Del Rey is the guest act. Nice to see she's not miming to a backing track so that's one good feature of the Beeb production. Having said that, either her mic was malfunctioning, my ears are no good any more or her diction is virtually non-existent. Pity, because her song-writing produces some of the more interesting lyrics but I have no idea what that was about.

I do like the way she just stands there and doesn't feel it's necessary to prance around. Reminds me of Florence of similar style and genre but without the big show and maybe better for that.

Tom sends Sam home. Didn't expect that. Nor did Gandalf & The Fringe. Let's hope they do more Fleetwood Mac next week and not Nina & Frederick. Sam hoped that it wasn't the end for him, whatever that means. No-one liked to tell him that it probably was. keeps Joelle which seems reasonable. Hopefully he'll get her a new dress in a colour other than salmon now. Sophie was, in my view, the better in terms of a modern artist but he could be right about Joelle - she is probably the more reliable. I see a commercial number from her next time.

So that's it. Hollie is a good presenter but is just a little bit too warm and cosy for a show like this. Reggie sounds like he's reading the autocue - not as wooden as Steve Jones thank goodness but still pretty boring to watch. The whole programme lacks spark and sparkle. Everyone is professional - perhaps just a bit too much so. It's only when Danny or Jessie let loose that it tends to come alive.
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