Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well done, Denmark, Eurovision Winners 2013

Well that was fun! Eurovision seems to come and go so quickly. After weeks of video clips of national selection shows and rehearsals the actual week seems to fly by.

Denmark led (almost) from the start with just Ukraine and Azerbaijan with any real chance of stopping them taking the show to Copehagen in 2014. Theirs was a professional and confident performance with no gimmicks, unlike the pretty Ukraine girl who had to be carried on stage by some huge guy or the Azerbaijan fellow with an alter ago trapped in a box and some girl with a ridiculously long red dress train doing nothing that seemed relevant to the song.

The Romanian weird opera and Moldavian silly mountain dress may have got them a little attention but not a lot.

Norway and Russia scored consistently and the Top 5 remained those five virtually all the time. It was good to see Malta and Hungary getting good support. For a while it looked as though Malta might even break through!

Sadly, Ireland were bottom and that was not deserved although they voice was a bit tinny and repetitive. Spain and Lithuania joined Finland close to the bottom which was what the betting odds predicted for the first two but not Finland. Spain's performance was not strong and seemed a little nervous, disappointing. Lithuania put on a good track but no-one voted for it.

Bonnie Tyler got UK into about 19th place and earned more points than many had expected but still failed to make much impresssion. Germany's Cascada, however, failed more so and the copy of Loreen's track from last year was not a good idea.

I didn't win thousands but do seem to have got predictions for the Top 5 about right again this year and the winning song deserved its place. Well done, Denmark.

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