Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Xa Facta Italia

Just updating X Factor UK news here, in case you haven't been following the main blog for the show.

So far it all all been pretty dull with the pleasant and tubby Andrea doing good things for Anglo-Italian relations although we're all wondering why he didn't enter Xa Facta Italia instead of messing up so many others chances here? Whilst he is the bookies' firm favourite, my own feeling is that Lauren or Ben could take this. I would really like Only The Young to win as they are easily the most experienced and deliver a great performance every week, or, at least, have so far. They're bouncy and child-friendly and could move in where S Club 7 or Steps left off but with slightly less sugar.

The ridiculous Stevi is still looking idiotic and as surprised as most of us that he is still there. Cheryl brought him back from obscurity and I suspect that Sinita will not be speaking to her for a while as the latter had definitely had him excluded from almost as soon as he appeared at Judges' Houses. In fact, I am not entirely sure I understand how he got there.

There's a big boy band with one memorable lead singer and the others, nice as they may be, are pretty forgettable. I can't see them winning and they seem to scrape through each week but may well make a final yet as they sound good all together and older viewers will like them.

Fleur is quite a star although I don't see her getting past 3rd or 4th position. That's nothing bad and many of our best known X Factor subsequent successes have been in those positions! She will get some work, I'm sure, and possibly get some more modern singles out which could do well if she gets well-backed.

That leaves Jay who is a nice bloke but seems to be losing some support. That may be just because of some less than inspiring songs recently. He has a good voice and is the ultimate 'respectable' candidate so, if that's where the show is heading this year, he will do well. However, if he has to sing off against almost anyone else I  see him losing out. And that'll have to happen at some point, I'm afraid.

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