Thursday, December 04, 2014

Three more films to see

Almost Famous

It's quite light and fluffy and behind the scenes with a 1970s rock group looked so much cleaner than I'd reckon they were whilst Rolling Stone seemed to have no sense of time whatsoever and were quite unbelievable. For all that I really enjoyed this but still can't quite understand why. Peter Frampton and The Herd, Humble Pie and, er... Stillwater.

American Beauty

This went in totally different directions to what I might have expected. Uncomfortable viewing at times but overall a memorable film, very well acted and presented.


I suppose you can guess the ending but there are nice touches along the way. The music and dancing are superb.

Three films I really didn't expect to enjoy and certainly wouldn't have chosen had it not been their featuring in a Top 100 films of this Century list. 

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