Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top 100 Best Selling Artists

BBC Radio 2 have constructed a Top 100 Best Selling Artists list and have been playing mostly two tracks from each one this week. Fascinating and also nice to hear some album tracks and less well-known editions from the BBC.

I guess they're including international sales which explains George Strait and Linda Ronstadt and I suspect more surprises still to come!

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Queen, Carrie Underwood and maybe some other big Country stars from across the Pond are still to come,  Paul Simon should be there too, maybe with Art Garfunkel. Van Morrison too. Pink Floyd albums ought to get them in the Top 20, as could Duran Duran's 1980 sales and perhaps Frankie Goes To Hollywood but I suspect they might not have made the list with a shorter lifespan. then what do we make of Little Mix, One Direction and Girls Aloud who must have had vast sales recently. Perhaps not enough yet, though? I think it will be some older names - The Hollies? - we see and definitely US-based people. Taylor Swift, of course. Brenda Lee from the old days. Rhianna from recent days. Justin Timberlake. Andy Williams, Garth Brooks. Ariana Grande? Some of those will not be there at all.

Here is the list so far. I shall add the Top 20 when they're known.

21 U2
22 Billy Joel
23 Phil Collins
24 Aerosmith
25 Frank Sinatra
26 Engelbert Humperdinck
27 Barbra Streisand
28 Status Quo
29 Kanye West
30 Bee Gees

31 Bruce Springsteen
32 Lady Gaga
33 Metallica
34 Katy Perry
35 Adele
36 Bruno Mars
37 Justin Bieber
38 Jay-Z
39 Rod Stewart
40 Bon Jovi

41 Lil Wayne
42 Britney Spears
43 Fleetwood Mac
44 Tom Jones
45 George Strait
46 Guns n' Roses
47 Backstreet Boys
48 Neil Diamond
49 Prince
50 Paul McCartney & Wings

51 Kenny Rogers
52 Janet Jackson
53 Julio Iglesias
54 Chicago
55 Carpenters
56 Bob Dylan
57 Dire Straits
58 Bryan Adams
59 Def Leppard
60 Cher

61 Lionel Richie
62 Genesis
63 James Taylor
64 Olivia Newton-John
65 Stevie Wonder
66 Tina Turner
67 Linda Ronstadt
68 Donna Summer
69 The Beach Boys
70 David Bowie

71 The Who
72 Barry White
73 The Supremes
74 Duran Duran
75 Iron Maiden
76 Depeche Mode
77 Deep Purple
78 The Dave Clark Five
79 Bing Crosby
80 Pet Shop Boys

81 Santana
82 Earth, Wind & Fire
83 Wham!
84 Johnny Cash
85 Beyoncé
86 Shania Twain
87 R.E.M.
88 Coldplay
89 Van Halen
90 Spice Girls

91 Foreigner
92 The Doors
93 Reba McEntire
94 Meat Loaf
95 Barry Manilow
96 Kylie Minogue
97 Tom Petty
98 The Black Eyed Peas
99 Enya
100 Robbie Williams
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