Wednesday, May 21, 2008

7 contenders now

Of which five are from the Eastern bloc! That could actually be good news for the other two, Greece and Sweden, although I really don't see either winning somehow.

The first semi final has just despatched Ireland to the bin, thank goodness, as a terrible performance of what might have been an amusing entry left most people completely bemused instead. That particular group of voters preferences has also clearly had its effect on some other odd entries with Latvia, for example, dropping to 100-1 and making me wonder why I didn't wait before parting with my money. If they get through their semi then they're worth a top ten bet if the final voters have a sense of humour.

The biggest change of heart amongst those putting money on entries, which is admittedly rather different to assessing the merits of the tune, has been for Bosnia and Herzegovina who have come from very long odds down to an extraordinary 18-1. This has been at the expenses of Armenia, dropping to 14. I didn't see all the semi final and it may be that the Armenian girl didn't perform so well live or the BH entry did. I'll check the recording later and report back.

I'm now going to forget about Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria and Romania whose odds have all lenghthened and there's simple no chance of any winning. So that just leaves the seven contenders, with Norway ay 50-1 my latest long shot for fun. There's also the UK at 300 still!! The more I hear that song the more I wonder what on earth came over the voters at our selection stage. Never mind them, what came over the selectors themselves even remotely considering it had a chance? Still tempting for a top ten bet, though, as there is some sympathy for the UK nowadays and the guy looks like he needs it.

Here are the lastest for the seven:

Russia 4.2-
Serbia 7.4+
Ukraine 8.4-
Greece 9.4-
Armenia 14+
Sweden 14-
Bosnia and Herzegovina 18-
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