Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pre- semi wobbles

Russia still lead the betting stakes but have lengthened to over 5-1 and there's really not much to choose between any of the top three now. Serbia and Armenia keep switching places and the trio are poles apart from anyone else. Sense finally seems to be dawning on people with Ireland now predicted 6th at 21-1 and Ukraine in 5th at 11.5

It seems that more people are now actually hearing the songs or seeing the videos and realising that it would be an apalling travesty if Ireland's dreadful rant won when class acts like Serbia and possibly the best modern, youthful track for 2008, Armenia. (She really is lovely, too.)

Russia have clearly sunk a few million football, gas and oil roubles into getting their guy set up but do smart young men with 90s boy band acts win Eurovision? No. Cliff was quite old, remember and General F sorted him out anyway. And I have to wonder why on earth, after all the effort their people made to get out from under the Soviet Thumb, now independent nations are going to support the country when Putin II is playing with his tanks as I write. Maybe they're Chelsea supporters or worried about their gas supplies . . .

So, yes, I'll lose a fortune if Russia wins but hope to be delighted by someone, almost anyone else except Spain.

Maybe I should also mention that Armenia have almost as much UK £ backing them at the moment as Russia which should tell us something.

OK, so who else is in the frame now? I've just nabbed Latvia at 34-1. Poland and UK have shortened a bit to 240 and 280. I'd love to see UK back in the running. I mean we have the best commentator by a mile in Terry Wogan and I sometimes think that he has single-handedly made this the crazy event that it is! But, come on, listen to Andy A and even all the smart Brit production people haven't been able to fix some pretty lousy notes and a tune that I'm amazed got selected and which the man himself has admitted to being amazed to be selected. I do expect him to put on a good show on the day and he can connect with an audience but I worry whether a 30-1 top 10 bet is even worth risking.

So, go Armenia, just so that the Serbs don't get famous for two in a row and go go Latvia to make me a nice packet! Poland? Well, let's see if Miss Gee gets through the semis.

Here are the latest numbers: + means odds lengthening, - shortening.

Russia 5.2 +
Serbia 6.2 -
Armenia 7 -
Ukraine 11.5 +
Sweden 15.5 =
Ireland 21 ++
Turkey 28 =
Spain 29 +
Bulgaria 34 -
Latvia 34 --
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