Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol Top 10 Reviews Pt I

Siobham 6½
Oh dear, missing important notes didn't gain her many fans. But she did look good and the song kinda worked, the screech in tune becoming a feature that she'll either live to love or regret. Something for the over 40s but not so sure about younger viewers reaching for the phone. She'll be safe, though.

Casey 19
Professional, obviously enjoying himself this week. An excellent performance but still maybe just a bit 'old'

Mike 20!
Good choice. He's becoming the dark horse. A few more great choices like this and he'll give Crystal a run for her money.

Didi 4½
I really like this girl. She began the competition so well and has a unique individual style but this was pretty awful and will put her very much in the danger zone. I see trouble ahead but, luckily, I have a feeling there'll be others not doing terribly well who are less popular out there in US Phone Land.

Tim 6
In tune unlike Siobhan but loses points because it was just noring. I think he might be on the way out if US PhoneLand prefer Aaron.

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