Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol Top 10 Reviews Pt II

Andrew G 7
OK, better than the last few weeks but forgettable and there's something about the guy that just doesn't say 'winner' in my book. I'm really beginning to wonder how this can possibly be the best 10 that America can find out of x hundred thousand applicants. I must be missing something but the sooner we get rid of these interruptions on the way to the semis with people like the real contenders the better.

Lee 19
This guy's definitely in his element. I can see him as The Boss 2010 version. Nice work. He'll be back, no worries, next week. Excellent all round - in his groove, natural and he almost looked cool.

Katie 6
I just didn't get her this week. Neither one thing nor the other and neither particularly well done. She can sing but can she star in an Idol way? No, 'fraid not. If the public like Didi better she's in trouble.

Crystal 16
Brave move. I guess she had to show she could be different and not a one-style girl. Not a song that'll be on her album and whilst she looks really pretty now, Simon's comments absolutely spot on. Still a class act. I almost wonder whether she's discovering for the first time what money can buy and just hope she doesn't get taken over and lose that rawness that would eventually earn her far more in the long term. The backing group also could have been dispensed with as I felt at one point they almost threw her off beat and took away the emphasis on what she does so well on her own. I'll buy her CDs if she doesn't change.

Aaron 8
Sound performance but not so sure I could believe he knew what he was singing about. Didn't do much with it but competent and should keep him away from the bottom. It was 'OK'

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