Friday, February 25, 2011

The 24 move on to the live show

Finally, we have the Top 24. They're shown on the separate tab as some will be around for some time yet.

Here are the few real contenders to win from what I've seen so far, which hasn't been that much in some cases:

Tim Halperin | Julie Zorilla | Jacob Lusk | Jordan Dorsey | Lauren Alaina | Casey Abrams | Tatynisa Wilson

There are great singers who look or sound wonderful, in Pia's case both, who'll be around for a while, maybe quite a long while, but haven't yet shown that special winning quality for the main prize:

Pia Toscato | Robbie Rosen | Scott McCreedy | Jovany Barretto | Paul McDonald | Ashton Jones | Thia Megia | Clint Jun Gambao | Haley Reinhart | 

There are several dark horses this year, people with real original talent that may or may not appeal and get them up there or they could crash out early:

Naima Adedapo | Stefan Jovani | Rachel Zevita | James Durbin | Brett Loewenstern | 

Not really in the running either on performances to date or simply attracting that essential initial appeal could be:

Karen Rodriguez | Lauren Turner | Kendra Chantelle

Having said that I may well find myself completely changing the whole list around in two weeks' time when we've seen them doing their live performances, free from groups, stress of so many people around and with a week and real support to rehearse and do their best or worst.

I'm going to miss Carson Higgins and Colton Dixon who didn't make the cut and even John Wayne but, particularly amongst the guys, it's a tough year.
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