Saturday, February 19, 2011

At last, some real contenders begin to emerge in AI10

So 100 get reduced to what I counted as 48ish but probably 50 and, after the nightmare of watching the group round, we get to see what individuals can do.

Some real contenders emerged:

Jacob Lusk - here's a star all right but not sure where he fits in! Probably one of the oustanding later stage auditions of the whole series.
John Wayne Schultz - anyone with a name that combines a Western star with the Peanuts author has to have a chance and this guy has been conspicuous by his absence so far in AI10. At last we get to hear him properly and, wow. what a beautiful voice. Real country, though, and I don't see how well he'll figure in a final with the kids and skirts prancing around.
Casie Abrams - a fabulous singer and musician who, like the previous two mentioned, is very individual and it'll be interesting to see how he handles some of the rounds if he continues but nice to see another mature, settled with himself, contender
Robbie Rosen - nice range, quite individual and stand-out, a smart singer
Brett Lowenstein - one of the best youngsters, all hair and white skin but a damn fine singer
Colton Dixon - strong performer and another real contender
Julie Zorilla - an excellent stage performer, great voice and just looks and sounds like she should be there
Carson Higgins - one cool guy, just love his attitude and he can handle almost anything you throw at him. My son, Russell, will ahte me for saying so but he reminds me of him!
Chris Medina - another good artist but needs to find that something special if he's going to win against such strong male competition. The back story helps but now he needs to show he can entertain
Clint Jun something - one great performer, although this time he went a bit OTT.
Thia Megia - yes, she has talent but seemed a little boring when on for more than 30 seconds. I'm hoping it was just the song. She is good.
Haley Reinhart - great, gusty and different. She looks good and whilst not steaming up my charts I can see her getting through
Lauren Alaina - one of the strongest to date but now we need to see something different now
Ashley Sullivan - the 'emotional timebomb' has this endearing nature and I just keep hoping and hoping that she'll show us what she can do and wonder just how many more lifelines she'll get. I like her a lot.
Scott McCreery - he didn't really impress this week but will survive for another round
James Durbin - amazing range and all credit for trying but I've yet to hear a tune that'll keep him in for the distance.
Jaycee Badeaux - squeezed through with a wobbly choir boy performance
Jovany Baretto - a good, interesting voice, he'll move on
Ashton Jones - good, powerful but shouts a bit and no shade.

There are plenty more that we didn't see and, in particular, I need to have some more females on this list!!

Next week, these and whoever the other 30 are will get whittled down to just 24 with Beatles tracks.
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