Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

As the auditions roll on in X Factor USA (and my take on the first of this week's shows is coming up next), it's clear that there's a mass of the Great and Good to be sorted out in later shows. I won't mention the Pointless, Pathetic or Plain participants. Oh, too late, I just have.

In the UK show, we've just been through what they call 'Bootcamp'. that's a very appropriate word - for both reasons. In X Factor USA they'll probably call it Fireflake. It's the sort of opposite of The Apprentice where many candidates seem to try their hardest not to impress but, remarkably, still get through.

It's been a really crazy time with 200 being culled in two hours' viewing to 32, eight who'll be whisked off to each of the Judges 'Houses' (or island, condo or somewhere they've borrowed with a pool and a large sofa to cuddle losers on). Three or four will be completely mad but predicted to make good television. Of our 32, the 'chosen' twelve for the Live Shows include some acts we've hardly seen at all, and several who were sent home in earlier shows! Three of the Groups are made up from solo contestants who didn't make it as 'Girls' or 'Boys'. You just have to hope they get counselling from SYCO at some point.

It's all going to be fun, of course, but don't get too excited yet if your favourite gets through (or depressed if they don't)!

Lastly for now, bearing in mind Scotty and Lauren's success in American Idol I was expecting to see lots of Country acts but so far I can't recall anyone obvious in that genre being shown getting four nods from the judges. Maybe they're saving them all up for a Lone Simon Blues Special.

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