Friday, September 16, 2011

X factor updates and strange SYCO action [spoiler alert]

Although we've only actually seen a few so far, according to XFactor Updates over 200 hopefuls reached bootcamp this summer (including 16 groups of which we've had little more than a mere glimpse of a couple). They've been whittled down and something around 8 hopefuls in each category headed off to judges' 'houses' for what is probably the most difficult part of the series to watch (and, I'm sure, far more stressful to be part of!)

Gary Barlow has the Boys category, Tulisa has the Groups, Kelly the Girls and Louis, yes, you guessed, the Over 25s. Surprisingly, as these selections should by now have all been recorded, there isn't that much reliable information out there as to who the finalists are - presumably four from each category. News has come through about the boys and a pretty good indication about the girls (being decided today, I think) but the groups and overs lists look a bit on the thin and confusing side at the moment.

It appears that the guy behind XfactorUpdates has had his @xfactorupdates twitter account shut down at SYCO's request. Now, as @tvcritics, his tweets can be pretty caustic at times but always no more than what I imagine a whole load of people will be saying to each other as they watch some programme and often cause me to laugh out really loud and inspire me as @kirrisdad to be as entertaining. He's usually a great source for what's going on but SYCO don't like him or what he says (and presumably accuse him of spoiling).  I mean, how many people are seriously not going to to watch an upcoming show during these few strange weeks of deciding who'll make the live shows? Those who really can't bear to know simply aren't the types who'll be reading his stuff and the numbers who accidentally land on one of his pages or, for that matter, one of mine, are going to be pretty damn small and hardly likely to cause a drop in audience figures that'll have any impact at all on SYCO's advertising slot income.

Anyway, at the risk of getting closed down myself now, the new XFactor UK 2011 tab at the top of this site has some pictures of, how shall I put it, contestants you might like to look out for over the next few weeks ...

The winner ought to be in there somewhere, unless it's one of those mysterious groups or Louis is hiding someone remarkable!

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