Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Malta - more modern this year, well, ever-so-slightly.

After several years of quite serious ballads, many sung by the same person too, Malta has made an effort to modernise its entry for 2012. Some dj, two nerdy-looking guitarists and a couple of girls, one in sparkly pants playing drums standing up, possibly because the pants were too tight to sit down, add the youth background to the main guy, Kurt, who has probably been told to grow the beard to help with the image of Malta being ever-so-slightly young and rebellious this year. They got the ever-so-slightly bit right, I guess.

This is actually very straightforward stuff but it does have a catchy chorus with its yeah - ey - ey - ey- yeah bit which will no doubt get remembered by all those people in the voting lands more than some others so it ought to earn Malta a good number of mid-range points. Near the end you get the impression that the girl is going to join in and take some of the lead but she doesn't. It might have been better if she had, just for a bit of a change. In classic Eurovision style, this is instantly recognisable, you know where it's going and, apart from one odd stop and start, it's all pleasantly predictable.

Kurt will need to find a better fitting pair of trousers, though, on the night. Maybe he can borrow the drummer's.

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