Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh Dear. JEdward Get The Eurovision Gig again!

Oh dear. JEdward have got the Irish gig for Eurovision again. I use the term gig loosely as it would imply some sort of co-ordination between the rhythm of a track and the movements of their limbs. I also use the term song loosely if your first experience of the song Waterline is the first video below. The singing in rubbish and the dancing hilarious - one of them seems always to react about half a second later than the other, reminiscent of one of the One Direction boys so maybe it's a modern boy thing.

However, and this is a big however... if you listen instead to the track below (and can avoid wondering who on earth chose the cute picture) you'll realise that this is one remarkably well-written track and, if they can be persuaded merely to mime and not move too much to this as the backing track that everyone actually hears on the day, then I can see this a potential winner.

As I said. Oh dear.

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