Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bookies Predict Scary Old Baloney Scrapes Through Hallowe'en Night On X Factor

So we start tonight with Kye and Rylan neck and neck for the bottom spot, and Old Baloney only a few points away. Jade and  District3 look a bit like they're lacking support - in the Betfair community, at least. The slightly higher odds for Old Baloney must be some indication that punters, smarting after losing a bundle last week, have started to believe the Daily Star.

They may regret it. After going home instead of attending a session with just about everyone's hero and big X Factor supporter, Robbie Williams, he has angered production staff and they'll be inclined to want him at the bottom of the pile and gone. However, it is Hallowe'en theme night tonight at which he may excel, visually, at least.

I just hope he's annoyed the camera crew sufficiently and gets blurred or something.

We'll find out soon enough.

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