Friday, April 04, 2014

More hopefuls and dreadfuls for Eurovision.


This is a nice, pleasant track and the twins are certainly nice to watch. Russia almost always has to have a 'thing' and this year it's pretty identical twins. Beats old grannies. The song lacks something special to take it to the top but it should make the Top 10, politics permitting!


Almost Country in places. A well-written song. another Mumford & Sons number. I like this and it may catch on. The bit where the girl sings on her own needs to be better tuned. She sort of spoils it but otherwise does well.


Pretty scary stuff from a not particularly attractive singer with little on, clutching a sabre and talking of skinning you. Strong but no, not a contender, although it will have some votes for sure.


A very plaintive sound and darkness surrounds this track like one of their detective TV series. You do have to stop and listen to this and I don't know whether people will do that for long enough at Eurovision. A good song, certainly, and well sung but I can't see it being very popular. Norway will get plenty of votes, however, but it isn't likely to be enough to win. A good Top 10 bet, though.


Good gracious. This is odd. Let's all go back to the woods and play strange folk music, yodel and just be out of tune 'cos it's cool to do that. In 1967 this might have been played a few times on a pirate radio station. I can only imagine that they;re deliberately confusing us now and will actually do a tremendous job on the night. they will all invest at the current 1000-1 odd and make a fortune and buy Russia. Well, the Crimea, perhaps.


Ha ha! This will probably not even make it to the Finals! A not very pretty girl tells us how Slavic girls know how to use what their mamas gave them. Some nicer girls in the video but I would run a mile from the singer! Fun video for the men but this stands no chance at all!


Pretty girl with a beard. All good transexual stuff, I suppose. Not the best of tracks and, without a cool video, I can't see this doing a great deal. The audience may need  prior warning.


This little nation never sees to get off the ground in Eurovision. With this track, called Attention someone has made an effort. the singer is pretty good but it stops and starts and is difficult to listen to for long. So, right hand side of the board again, if they even make it there. Which I doubt.


Now this is how you write music. Much better. A little bland at the start but it may catch enough voters on the panels with its rhythm and not upset them too much with its Festival-style romp at the end. I like this track. Could be a contender if voters are in a rocking mood.


Just about every year, excluding the chicken, Ireland have come up with an impressive song and mostly very good singers who can hold a note and a tune. Jedward spoilt a super song a couple of years ago. This is also well-written, about water again as it happens, but is it maybe just a bit too bland? It needs some build-up, something to remember it by later. Something is missing. Which is a pity. They should make the Final but I don't expect much more.


Another ex-USSR state with a pretty girl up front. I am not too sure what the blonde is doing but there you go. It is a crazy song. Typical Eurovision rubbish. It will appeal to quite a few I fear, a bit like Greek tracks used to. I really don't want to her it again although the girl can appear s often as she likes.

FYR Macedonia

This is pretty horrible. I thought it might be another girl with a beard. She certainly looks pretty masculine and sounds that way too but I am no expert in these matters. Dreadful song that is hopefully going to fall at the Semis ad never be heard again unless you happen to have found this post several years from now. In which case, I apologise now.


The Swiss are doing catchy well with this one. Every year there are tracks that sort of take you by surprise on the night by being either particularly well-performed when they hadn't been before or by just grabbing the voters on the night and nearly winning, or reaching #4 when you'd never thought they'd get more than 4 points. This is one of those, in my view. Banjos and whistling are always good in Eurovision.


This is one country that always seems to be in the competition and always makes the left hand side of the board, often the Top 10. They have a knack for getting the beat right and appealing to people. This is modern, disco stuff by some decent-looking guys. It is not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I can see them getting a good pile of votes. On a night when there was no clear leader this might stand a chance. As it is, I doubt it. Edge of Top 10, let's say.


They haven't had much success so far. This should bring them to people's attention. It's a nice track, well-performed and runs along well. I doubt if it has got what's needed to win but I would expect to see it collecting a decent number of votes across the board. Nice.


At last. It's a Miracle. No that's the title. But after listening to a lot of dreadful stuff it is quite nice to get something along that actually does stand some chance of doing well. This is good. It is catchy and modern, with plenty of electro stuff to satisfy those that like that sort of thing. I reckon I have seen both these performers before. They're competent, too. I give this a chance. Not stunning but it has a chance.

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