Friday, April 04, 2014

The Big Five Eurovision Finalists


'I love a cliche love song'. Great line for Eurovision. There is a Bruno Mars feel about this, not that he would want to admit to having anything to do with this. Just as you thinkit's over, it starts up again. Quite a good track, actually. It's fun and, if well-performed livethis is lmost certain to make the Top 10. Win? Maybe, It could do as well.


This is a classy performance and a well-written song too. Germany really have got the general idea of this competition now. I can't see this winning and it may be a bit too left field to get support across the board but I wish them well.

United Kingdom

I have posted the video before but if I add it here it will get considered on the same level and at the same time as the others. It is one of our better entries, for sure. It does need that echo, though, and a fatter sound that I can't see being achieved easily on the Eurovision stage live. 'Power To The people' always gets at least a few votes from people around the world so Molly will be safely lifted up at lkeast to the left hand side of the board. I see us making Top 10 this year and, yes, it has an outside chance if she performs really really well and several others don't


Please. I want to have a moustache. No I don't. We have a singer that Jedward's PR people should sue and some very nice girls doing some dancing and that is about it. Oh, there's a song. But it's rubbish.


Well, it has taken all this time but the penultimate track that I hear sounds like the one that really could make it. It helps that I have total confidence in the singer, X Factor 2008's Ruth Lorenzo, who will always be remembered for her marvellous Purple Rain so we have half of this track Dancing In The Rain put safely home already. She is a great singer and this is also a brilliant song that will appeal across many mentions. perhaps the younger fans won't vote for her but this the one to challenge Armenia. She made 5th place in X Factor. She might make Top 5 again.


One of the few genuinely sexy performers, this girl does Italy proud with a strong performance but it's a bland song. Better than very many and they should pick up the youth vote that Denmark haven't already bagged.

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