Monday, March 12, 2018

Israel go bonkers. Unfortunately this could win. Bulgaria won't.

Oh dear. This is the wild entry for 2018. I hate to say this but it could be the winner. We can only hope that, like Italy last year, it gets overtaken by some other entry that we'll be happier listening to over and over again afterwards. This is weird but I can see it will have appeal.

I understand that it struggled to get through various stages of the Israeli shows but it did make it. So it will divide jurors and voters alike and that may just allow Lithuania or someone like that through. I do hope so.

Currently the bookies' favourite. they haven't been great at getting the No.1, however. It will make the Top few, however. get your money on now while you can get vaguely reasonable odds.

Another entry rcently released is from last year's Runner-up, Bulgaria. This year they won't do so well at all. It is an over-produced number and sounds like a lot more than six people in the group so may suffer in a live show unless they use a backing track for more depth. It's dark grey and a bit tedious. Not a disaster and may well keep Bulgaria in the respectable left hand side of the board but only just. I do wonder how whoever writes these things comes up with such weird translations. So I love beyond the bones. Hmm.
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