Monday, March 12, 2018

The usual contenders for the top spot: Russia return with a classy song; Sweden just fail miserably.

A nice track from Yulia but not one that will win her the competition. as ever, though, expect Russia to score well and she deserves a Top Ten position based on current released entries.

Sweden's entry this year is completely useless and of very little appeal. Indeed, I cannot now recall much of it at all. They spend almost all year at some huge Melodiefest and thousands of votes get cast but at the end it is like a committee has chosen the entry and allowed more interesting tracks and artists to fall by. So no more worries about Sweden stealing the show as we have had to contend with in previous years for some time now.

As in The UK, something has to change there. So much talent but when it comes to Eurovision they overthink the whole thing. Here we toss the enry card to a few new people we've never heard of and hope one might work.

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