Thursday, March 27, 2014

Still heading in opposite directions for Eurovision

Here is tonight's chart of the odds at Betfair for any of the Top 10 or so to win this year's Eurovision. Russia are still going further out and Ukraine dropping. Armenia, however, stay way, way out in front of everyone, followed by three Scandinavian countries and then, hurrah, United Kingdom!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Eurovision. Somewhere else where neither Ukraine nor Russia win.

Apart from the continuing mystery of why Armenia should be so far out front in the betting for Eurovision 2014, Ukraine's odds shortened and Russia's went out considerably over the last two weeks.

I can't imagine either doing terribly well this year with pretty poor entries.

Hungary, The Netherlands and Sweden join the Top 10 contenders


A jolly song about a Cake to bake. OK. Cool and cheerful song that will have some panel members tapping their feet and maybe voting enough to get them in the Top 10 this year.


Tanja has a go at Loreen's style with the solid electro beat and a convenient male dancer. She shows a lot more flesh than her Swedish predecessor and moves around a bit quicker. It's a decent track but I don't see it being that popular or unpopular.


So we know they'll be making a good effort. Almost all their entries stand as potential chart acts in their own right. This is no exception. More serious ballad, building as ballads usually do in Eurovision to a drum-assisted crescendo but not too annoyingly so. The echo is quite important but I am not sure she'll get that on the night. Neverthess this will appeal across the board and see Sweden into the Top 10, and, I reckon, quite high there too.


A bit crazy - all good stuff about not having prejudice, a bit too politically correct for me and too obviously put together for Eurovision. Not something I want to play again and doubt whether many others will but it's a safe vote for countries so expect it to get enough points to keep away from the bottom.


They always seem to make the main competition and have some pretty individual entries that you either love or hate. This one has the ballad and bloke with a guitar doing rock stuff. The girl looks angry most of the time and it's an Evanescence type of track. Strong but it lacks any hook or, to be honest, much appeal - that singer isn't particularly watchable.


They'd love to win again and do keep making strong efforts. Here they come again this year with a potential #2. Pretty girl with gentle song that sounds like it ought to tell a story.

Nice enough but at digging out burning bullets from his chest I began to wonder what it was all bout. Ah, of course, it's all about trying to win this thing and that's not a bad effort at all.


Well, you have to worry with the title Tick Tock. The country will be getting some sympathy votes I suspect this year. I hope the singer doesn't come from Crimea or they'll be all kinds of problems. Assuming she isn't and that Ukraine hasn't been wiped off the map in its entirety then this is a jolly number but a bit desperate and tries a bit too hard. As always the girl is lovely and we'll be guaranteed some pleasant viewing. Sure, left hand side of the board but not a great deal more this year.


It really is time Belgium did better. here we have someone who looks like he won a Belgium's Got talent contest and is still wearing the same suit. Big chap, good voice, near opera style. Singing about mother, he is guaranteed to get some votes - no-one would want a song about mother to get nul points now would they. The Balkans will like this so there's a few votes guaranteed - and Italy and Malta too. Serbia won with something like this a few years ago. We should watch out for this as it is one of those that might just sneak up on the night if he sings really well.


No, I don't want to listen to this again. This is one of those annoying tracks that is oh so serious but never really gets anywhere.

San Marino

Maybe is the title and maybe this will be the year when little San Marino gets into the main competition and scores a few points. I can't see this getting many and it is a bit forgettable but, like Andorra, it's time we heard more from the little places.


This started encouragingly enough - something we can dance along to perhaps in Latin style - but then it all goes a bit wrong. In fact it just goes on and that girl looks so angry. I would not want to meet her on a dark night in a Lisbon ally. Expect to see plenty of legs on show on the night and she may be able to hold that last note and not frighten us too much.

The Netherlands

Something modern and interesting from Holland this year. They had a good entry last year and are really making quite an effort these days. This is folksy but with an insistent back beat and it grows with nice harmonies and it will appeal to Country fans too. I can imagine Mumford & Sons doing this and it would be #1. Now I think of it, we should have had them doing the UK entry.

I like this a lot. I would like to see it do well and feel it really should.


With so many entries being in English it was a pleasant change to have this in Montenegran or whatever they speak over there. This is all good classic Balkan fare. Violin, strong drum beat, good solid singer from a bloke of indeterminate age. Nice as far as it goes.


This is the last that is available at the time of writing. A plaintive number to start. Then it starts and is much more commercial with a Bruno Mars feel. That's no bad thing and this could be quite successful. No-one bothers much about Hungary these days and they seem nicely placed between the Balkans, the East and the West so they may be a good political choice this year. Nasty subject matter. This is not cheery Eurovision pop, though. It's one of the tracks that could make the charts over here if released.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eurovision 2014: UK leave the old folk at home

No-one other than those who live in her street and some people at the BBC knows anything about Molly. After digging out some very old people for the last couple of attempts we're now going with someone a little younger (but still not that young).

It's a song that has the right sort of words in it apart from the beginning where Molly wants to drown some problems by drinking which may well not do her any harm in Eastern Europe but may upset the sober people of Belgium. The first few lines are decidedly weak and there will be a huge amount of pressure to get that to come across well but once she's past that it's pretty solid stuff and will get a good number of votes.

Molly's got a chance. That's a change.

Eurovision 2014: Armenia the first favourite to win

Armenia start off as favourites for Eurovision 2014. This is slow for quite a while but gets interesting nearer the end and if they can reproduce the violin and strange shuffling noise on the night it does stand a chance of doing well.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Auntie chooses the UK Eurovision entry.

Molly is an unsigned songwriter, described as young in the press release and I suppose that she is indeed younger than the last two entries for sure.

This is Children of the Universe. I don't know.

Maybe Ukraine will give us douze points now that they seem to have fallen out with Russia.

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