Sunday, December 12, 2010

X Factor: The Final 2010 Pt2 One Direction 3rd place

I had some bright orange trousers in 1969. Matt's neon yellow pair were quite worrying. He did Firework fairly well but didn't set the stage alight. Confusing shades of blue dancers took our gaze away from the pants luckily.

Wand Erection did Torn quite nicely. They had nicked the firework background that Matt should've had but never mind. Standing up and shuffling around on a plank made them look smaller, strangely enough. Nice shot of one of them slapping Harry on the shoulder in the middle as if to say, "Hey, it's Zayn's turn." Luckily, Harry carried on regardless.

Rebecca Sweet Dreams Are Made of This delivered with her now trademark stationary static stance. Cool and classy. According to all the odds and polls that wasn't enough to beat the Tweenie vote but it did. Remarkable.
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