Saturday, December 11, 2010

X Factor: The Final Pt 1 Cher takes 4th place

Cher and Rebecca made their mark from the start - just as well as for a moment I thought they'd got the Glee cast back again. Whoever wrote What A Feeling must be getting a fortune in royalties. Matt seemed a bit less than enthusiastic but that may have been because he had Wand Erection behind him. I seriously think they should be renamed 4+1 as Zahn never ever seems to be there when he should be.

With ads at a rumoured £¼ for 30 seconds I'm surprised there were any but, sure enough, they came thick and fast after virtually every song.

Matt kicked off the real competition tracks with Dido's Here With Me. He seemed a little uncertain and not appearing as if he felt great. A tricky time for him. An extraordinary outside broadcast from Stacey Solomon, who seemed to be thinking that she was calling all the way from the Australian jungle was odd to say the least.
The guy's going to be around for a while and is more appealing than James Blunt and one or two others he'll be likely to compete with. He needs to pull something really impressive out of the bag, though. Another Nights In White Satin, perhaps?

Rebecca sang Just Like A Star by Corinne Bailey Rae but didn't inspire as she had in the intro. It was very laid back and, a bit like Matt, she almost seemed to be holding back for later. Neither can really afford to do so if they want to win, with Wand Erection's massive appeal and Cher's determination.

Wand Erection appeared and did a Christmassy rendition of Elton's 1970 Your Song. Pretty dull, really. Competent enough but dull.

Those outside broadcasts definitely have to go.

Cher's mash-up of The Clapping Song and something else was, indeed, something else quite brilliant. Dancing around and having fun, she was just so much at home on the stage and seemed totally natural. Way out in front for the first round.

Into the duets bit we go and Matt almost swoons at Rihanna and clearly can't believe his luck. Rebecca introduces Christina Aguilera and that tear that rolled down her cheek may well have bought her a load of extra votes. Showing them how to do it really well were Wand Erection and Robbie Williams. Great entertainment and you could see he'd rehearsed it all with them and they got it just right, blending so well you could have called them Take Them.

Cher actually outperformed the Black-Eyed Pea,, who may well have scared off anyone over 50 from voting unfortunately. Totally at home, though, she had the time of her life.

I'd hate to have to choose one to go based on all their performances to date but my bet is it's Matt or Rebecca who'll be in the audience tomorrow.

In the meantime, Rihanna kept all men everywhere wonderfully entertained and you could almost hear the camerman being told "Zoom out, Zoom out!!" as she re-created some of the Kylie manoeuvres from that performance with memorable verve. Dermot needed a handkerchief afterwards.

Not to be outdone Christina Aguilera created an on-stage version of something not far removed from a 60s Jimi Hendrix album cover. All good stuff and you had to wonder just how any of the contestants could compete with either. Sort of put things in perspective.

Nothing changed the way things have been going so far, though, and Cher took the 4th place this year. Not bad. Not bad at all. She'll be fine.
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