Sunday, December 05, 2010

X Factor: Semi-finals results

The big girl in the Glee troupe must have been told to plant her self six inches away from Simon to prove they were singing live. You could have told that from some of the nervous guys but, as always, it came truly alive when the pretty girl started and, miming or not, she's gets my vote every time.

Only this show could follow Glee with the Black Eyed Peas doing a Dirty Dancing number! Something for everyone, I suppose.

With four potential winners, and I really wouldn't want to choose between them at this stage, I was dreading Mary being declared safe. Great to see Matt making it through after a pretty lousy couple of performances which everyone realised he'd never have even attempted in any other circumstances. No judge was going to choose Mary over Cher. Louis had to but that didn't matter.

Nice to see the right four acts in the final. Amazing to see Cher at 44-1 this evening. She's getting better and better as she proves that she can handle an emotional ballad in a modern way, not just in the traditional way someone from the 70s might have done. Another performance like that and a dumb song selection by Wand Erection could change those odds a lot next week.
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