Saturday, May 07, 2011

American Idol Top 4 revealed. Thanks, Jimmy.

Someone needs to give the judges a bit of feedback. In fact they might as well just come on and entertain us for a while and then go away and let someone else do the actual comments. There is someone much better. One guy behind the scenes has been spot on throughout this show and that's the one who helps them choose the tracks and who we see briefly with some star mentor each week. I think he's called Jimmy Iovine . We saw him slate Jacob and he was the only one who said that Lauren could well get voted off after wrecking the Righteous Brothers track that's almost a world anthem now. [Well, I did too and so did Brittany Keener who tweets throughout the show almost exactly what I want to say but we don't count.]

Jacob and Lauren were deservedly the bottom two and the right one went - at last. Lauren seemed to have got quite a shock at the near miss and Haley finally obviously beating her in the female popularity stakes must have made her question quite why Steven Tyler has been raving about her week after week. Maybe not the singing. She's been second to Scotty almost since the start. In fact, for a while she was the favourite. I have a feeling she'll come out fighting next week now and the last few shows are going to be really tough to call.

So good to see Haley getting genuine respect. I'd like to see her win. It's abundantly obvious that Scotty will have a contract for a Country career - it's probably already typed and waiting his signature, or his dad's as he may not be old enough. James has brought some diversity to the show but needs control to do more than lead a rock outfit in future years as a career. Accepting that control kind of goes against all he's done so far to promote his interest in the less commercial stuff. Lauren, if she reacts well to the wake-up call, in the final two with Haley would be an entertaining final. And a nice change.
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