Monday, October 03, 2011

X Factor UK: The Live Show Twist?

Olly Murs mentioned that there's "a big twist" coming up for the Live Shows. That's got everyone wondering what the hell that might be. All good publicity too, but that's all part of the fun. So I thought I'd round up what people are suggesting:

There'll be four wild cards, bringing back someone from each category who we think has been sent home. 

C'mon.. that's crazy! Managing 20 contestants is abit over the top and, anyway, we would have heard about it because the acts concerned would have to perform which means they'd be rehearsing and some cameraman or admin staff at ITV would have spilt a bean or two by now. And for some that could be the third or fourth time they've been sent home and then had a camera crew rushing after a judge rushing after them to say "sorry we didn't mean that."

Cheryl will be back as an extra, supposedly impartial judge. 

Possible. Avoids the drama of the two-two split and kicking out the one with the lowest public vote. But that's usually good TV.

Simon Cowell will be back. 

That's a popular one but pretty unlikely as he's tied up with X Factor USA. Or is he? Depends on the demands of Boot Camp USA and Judges Condos USA as they're a few weeks behind. Weekends look free on their schedule for a while so he could fly back and join in but unless he actually changes something that's no big twist.

They switch around the judges and categories. 

Now that would give Louis a chance of not getting quite so mauled on twitter but it's a bit much to expect some one to take over a bunch of people chosen by someone else. Sounds nonsense to me.

Double eliminations for the first couple of weeks. Or four acts going in the first week. 

Personally, I always feel sorry for whoever gets thrown out in the first week unless they're a complete and utter disaster - and truly disastrous acts usually survive for a while as they get the 'Wagner Vote' so it's someone who just didn't quite get their song or self together for that first live performance, possibly of their lives, who goes. They'd go anyway - I don't think anyone from previous years stood a chance - but I still feel it's a rough bit of luck.

No-one goes in the first week. 

Following on from the last one this could make sense. Then some doubles or whatever kick in from Week 2. Still no Big Twist, though. Just a Little Tweak.

The eliminations are decided purely by the public vote à la Big Brother. Or we vote to send home, just for a change. 

Not much point having the judges in the first instance and are people really going to spend money to get rid of people in the second?

Simon Cowell will merge the two shows and have USA contestants on the UK show and vice versa. Call it X Factor Global. 

I invented the name but someone else came up with that mad idea. Not only do the schedules not really make that feasible but the mere logistics of judges and votes makes my head hurt.

Contestants vote for each other à la Fame Academy (remember Fame Academy with Robin Gibb, Patrick Kielty, Cat Deeley and Richard Park?)
Well, they are having videos from the X Factor 'House' which will show what they've all been doing. Thereagain, that didn't exactly set the ratings alight.

The winner will be Britain's entry in Eurovision 2012 and/or sing the opening thing at the Olympics.
Bit boring for a Big Twist.

Week 1 is a Chubby Checker round.

Basically I haven't the foggiest idea. Have you?
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