Friday, October 07, 2011

X Factor USA Rumours

I must have misread the bit about the Boot Camp being live or fairly recent. Seems it was recorded some time ago and Judges' Houses have been recorded too, mostly, which means news is trickling through from the girl who makes the tea, the boy who sets up the sound gear and, of course, all sorts of other interested people who are around at the time (including a photographer or two!), about who made it through Boot Camp as the Final 32.

I have also seen what seem to be pretty informed reports about the Final 16 appearing in the Live Shows - the important ones, what it's all about, really.

Some decisions may still be being taken though, especially in the Group department where you can expect some solo contestants to be thrown together in the hope they might do better than some of the ready-made ones who applied as groups.

It's going to be chaos, there'll be tears and there'll be more than a few surprises. In other words, Simon Cowell is up to his traditional English tricks again and that means fun for you USA viewers. The front runners aren't going to be affected by what goes on in the lower regions of the Top 16, although a particularly smart group could cause some upsets - witness 1 Direction last year in X Factor UK.

The Spoilers! page on this site contains details and will be updated as and when I get reliable information. But you might not want to look. Well, not until after the Boot Camp, at least!

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