Sunday, October 09, 2011

X Factor UK Week 1 Results

Well, what a night. Louis, as expected sent JonJo back to the real Boot Camp to do Kinks karaoke numbers in Afghanistan where he'll be more appreciated. Of course, that implied that he kept the ridiculous but 'entertaining' (eh?) Johnny Robinson, the gay helium singer and the tedious Sami who will do 80s karaoke numbers here for a while and bore the pants of us.

Gary, again, as expected and pretty sensibly, sent James home as punishment for losing his nerve and not exactly inspiring anyone with his rendition of Ticket To Ride. The guy does have talent but singing to yourself half a mile away from the audience only works if you really get all the notes right and don't look frightened stiff.

Tulisa has gone up in my estimation for her brave decision to get rid of 2 Shoes, the Essex comedy act. That I hadn't seen coming but was delighted to have got it wrong. NuVibe were her other option but, whilst the chunky loud girls had bags of character and made you smile and even could manage a few more notes than most of us would have guessed by looking at them, there was no way they were going to go far in the competition whereas NuVibe might just turn it round for a few weeks more.

Kelly, however, produced the shock of the night by sending Amelia Lily home. This girl has already built up a huge following, looks good after the makeover and has all the makings of a cool young rock chick who could do well. Her auditions have been excellent to date and whilst Billy Jean last night may not have been a great example of what she can do, she had far more star appeal than Sophie, who'd been nervous and is someone no-one quite knows yet. I would have loved to have seen Misha go home. She had a terrible dress on, yet again, and seems to me to be one of those girls who has a massive wardrobe at home and determined to show just how bad her design taste can be each week. I can vaguely forgive the dress sense, well I can't but I was willing try for a while, but what I didn't like was the smug look she had when she was told she was staying. It kinda said "Yeah, of course I am, bitch. I got rave reviews yesterday and the week before and the week before that and no sister o' mine is sending me home today. I'm gonna kick that Irish chick's butt too and now the pretty chick's gone I gotta free ride through to the final. Yo sister." As you'll gather, I don't like Misha very much and really don't look forward to her performance next week, whereas I would have wanted to watch Amelia Lily get her act together and bring some non-Diva excitement to the place.

I do wish Sophie well, though. She should survive for a while if she chooses well and doesn't mess around with makeovers too much. Her performance last night was pretty unique and competent but it's Janet's votes she'll be fighting for, unfortunately, which could be hard to win.

OK, got that out of my system. We now have the final 12 and from next week it'll be you and I who get to choose who the judges can pick from.
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