Monday, September 17, 2012

Rough Copy Out, Robbie Goes Missing and Tammy Won't Win It

A couple of acts that made bootcamp have now tumbled out. Tammy has left of her own accord apparently but promises to come back next year. She was in quite a strong Overs group this year so that won't have much impact and probably wasn't worth an early bet anyway.

The act that did look pretty certain to make the Live Shows and which were one of the best on last night's audition show, Rough Copy, have been cut because one of their member's visa problem. He could have left to go to Gary's 'house' but wouldn't have been allowed back into the UK.

The group have been asking for help and there may still be one of those last minute surprise things where someone sorts it out at the last minute but current news is that Rough Copy are out. Last year they would have taken someone from the Boys group and thrown him in to make up the numbers. It's a weak group as a whole by the look of things as it is.

An updated list of who appears to have made bootcamp, with - SPOILER ALERT - a list of who might have made the Top 25 (with notable omissions!)  can be seen under the X Factor UK Bootcamp tab on this site. Be warned, though - I don't know how reliable this source is.

News is also circulating that one of the other stand-outs from last night, Robbie Hance, has gone missing. Can't remember that happening in previous years! Can't say I blame him and, again, with Syco putting the pressure on ITV1 to make substantial improvements to the show, this could even be another set-up to encourage interest.

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