Friday, January 26, 2018

If Little Mix could do the Goldstone song then we'd stand a chance.

After listening again to all six entries for the United Kingdom's Eurovision effort this year, I am a bit disappointed that there isn't a stand-out track that just says we can win with this.

I can see that a lot of effort has gone into the writing and attempts made to tick the Eurovision boxes but each just leaves me feeling that I may well not remember much about it a few minutes later.

Second time around it is Goldstone who seem to have the best Euro tune, despite my being harsh after the first play. I guess I had expected a lot better from thenext five as they went first.

Close by is Asanda. The song isn't great but it is pretty 2018 as Eurovision 2018 goes at any rate. She looks like she could have bags of personality which voters will like and she could appeal more than the tune which need be no bad thing.

Reya don't do anything for me and of the two blokes I'd give Jaz the edge, despite Liam looking so good and being able to pull a pile of votes in just be looking into the camera. SuRie has the experience and reliability so may be in with a chance, although I am not sure she will come across to the UK voters as well as she needs to, being maybe a bit bland.

So, I said before I heard any of the tracks that it would be Asanda and, strangely, that may well still be the case. If Little Mix could do the Goldstone song then we'd be in with a chance. So if Goldstone can really impress on the night when we vote for our entry they could steal it.

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