Friday, January 26, 2018

Jaz has the name and a chance but needs more practice.

Jaz Ellington has a cool name for sure and his is one of the more real songs in the group we have to choose from. You get the impression he means what he is singing about and that can make a big difference sometimes. Not always in Eurovision, though. Laura White is one of the contributors and she has talent. The singer's good too, although he won't be the sort of chap you'll expect to see dancing across the stage!

As a follow-up to Portugal last year, this is probably the best, being a nice song which I can getting a lot of respect amongst the Euro voters.

However, at about 1 minute in there's an unholy clash between his notes and the background instruments which seems like an error but I can't believe it really is. It just sounds wrong and there are a few moments when his voice really isn't as solid in the lower scale as it will need to be. It was like he was nervous which doesn't bode well.

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