Friday, January 26, 2018

SuRie doesn't exactly whip up a Storm but is reliable.

SuRie is competent. Not a step or note seems to go wrong. This is a catchy number but just a touch boring. It is Euro style which I suppose is good but it does seem a bit dated. After the first listen I think she could get us to the left hand side of the scoreboard but that's about it.

That, in itself, would be an improvement on several recent years but it isn't good enough or standing out to grab voters' attention as it needs to.

this girl is very experienced on stage. She has been to Eurovision as both a backing singer and to arrange lighting for Belgium last year which was all very good. You feel you can trust her to put on a good show but I just can't see anything particularly inspirational here.

It'll be a close-run thing this year for the British choice.

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