Friday, April 01, 2011

American Idol 11 - now it's 9

Thank goodness we didn't have the group dance. Instead Scotty and Lauren kicked off with a faultless duet which could be released now and be a hit. We knew they were safe. Naima and Jacob tried a duet but it wasn't the best of matches and I'm getting bored with Jacob now. Haley, Thia & Pia did a very professional and competent Teenage Dream although I'm surprised they got away with some lyrics which Haley and Pia will have had to explain to Thia! The four other remaining boys did a pretty impressive rendition of Band On The Run but it did highlight just how good James is and how much like a choirboy Stefano appeared!

The bottom three were Naima, Paul and Thia. Paul was a surprise to me but survived with Naima, as predicted by most people, and Thia, less well-anticipated, leaving - an outcome that seems about right. Ryan hinted that Casey would have been proud of the proportion of the 55m votes cast which should reduce his odds nicely.

For me, the good news was to see Haley staying with another week to show what she can do. Hopefully that will include beating Jacob.
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