Saturday, April 09, 2011

American Idol 9 - emotions mounting high

Boy, quite a night. Jacob, Stefano and Pia receiving the lowest votes and you kinda guessed that either Jacob or Stefano would be bowing out, neither having done particularly brilliantly for a week or two nor looking like they had much of a chance of winning so it wouldn't be a Big Thing.

Jacob was the first to get relieved. He would have been my prediction to go but lives to warble and scream another last note before fading onto the cover of an album for Christmas. Stefano more or less had his case packed at that point and was scribbling his number on Pia's wrist in the event that none of the million men in a million bars that Steven Tyler reckoned would be wanting her actually got in touch. In fact it seemed that it was just that - the million men were in a million bars: each watching Pia on their own with a solitary glass and no credit on their phone or on the slate to use the bar's one. She was the one with the least votes this week.

You could see the shock on the normally pretty calm Randy's face and Jennifer Lopez was crying. It was pretty damned weird as there was such an outpouring of what seemed genuine sadness, maybe not so much at Pia's demise but sympathy as to how this quite tough-looking, hard-edged girl would handle what must have surprised her too. I even felt it myself which was crazy. Her contribution to the opening rubbish was one of the few (with Haley's and James') that vaguely lifted it out of the dreadful zone and showed how reliable and, perhaps, how much effort she was beginning to make now.

I've been cautious about her all the way through - just couldn't identify any individual emotional content and I'm wondering if that was felt across the States. Smart-looking, professional, reliable and fit but too two-dimensional. No-one votes for a magazine cover - which she'll surely be on next week if not sooner.

I feel a bit sorry for Jacob and Stefano who must have been thinking to themselves "Hang on, if there's all this outcry about Pia then presumably they're rating us down at the bottom and wouldn't have objected at all if we'd gone!" Not that sorry, though. I should imagine Casey and Lauren are also well pleased to get another shot at what is looking increasingly like The Scotty Show. James and Haley would now be my outside bets. In fact if Haley manages to dispose of Lauren she could surprise everyone, including herself. James is the dangerous one to watch, though. He's always there, performing strongly, with total confidence and spot-on in tune. Drop the scream and we have a real competition.
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