Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol Top 6 become 5

Ryan kicked off by warning us that many fans would be disappointed. Well, I suppose that would be true whoever goes. With 30 million votes spread across 6 people then it's pretty likely that several million people will have voted for that one. What I think he meant but couldn't say was "Jacob's not going home this week, either." OK, that'll avoid me swearing quite so loudly later on and does sort of prepare me for Haley going but, at the same time, makes watching the next hour more depressing.

The 'let's all sing a song' intro was its now traditional desperate mess and I think they had just about emptied the cupboards of Carole King tracks that vaguely suited them. Haley certainly could have done with some extra practice, especially as she started and could have done without some dodgy first notes, no matter how super she looks.

It was quite a relief to hear Crystal Bowersox, last year's runner-up, after that. The camera focused initially on a strange looking fat bloke and an even stranger-looking chap with a scary beard and I wondered whether I'd hit another channel button and tuned into some 70s scary movie. She was good, though, and clearly benefiting from all the dollars being spent on her style these days.

ITV2's XtraFactor seemed another possible bit of mis-tuning for a moment when a bundle of questions for the contestants appeared and they had to come up with answers. At least we didn't get the person asking them on some scratchy mobile or, worse, some cheap web cam. I really did get the feeling that there was going to be a lot of filling in this show and wondered how on earth it would ever last an hour?

The results:

"Brilliant!" Haley's safe. Thanks Ryan for making the next viewing much more pleasurable.

Next came Scotty. We knew he'd be around next week. Well, we thought he would be but he has to hang on. Ooh er.

Lauren has to 'hang tight' too.

Casey - now he ought to be 'hanging tight' by that token too. He was.

Another reference to a 'surprise' so, as no way it's James and we've guessed it's not Jacob who wouldn't be a surprise to anyone, that was the bottom three. Could well be that voters didn't get Casey as I'd hinted yesterday...

... sure enough. Casey's reached the end of the road. But what a fabulous way to end it! He totally took over the floor with I Put A Spell On You, had the judges and most of the first few rows in the audience at least, on their feet. He ran through the crowd and maintained the tune, the notes, the whole thing. Over-running, the credits rolled and he was back on stage, still singing and looking very romantically indeed at Haley. Nice touch that couldn't have ever been rehearsed. You know, I'm almost glad he went because that was quite a special, and one of the most memorable ever, moments of AI.
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