Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol Top 8 become 7

Haley, Paul and Stefano with the lowest votes this week. Well, I give up trying to predict anything on this crazy (but good) show.

Scotty and Lauren did another double act - that's becoming a habit! Haley and Casey, though, totally stole the show with a brilliant jazz, scatty number. Standing ovation from the judges for a results show performance. Now that's saying something. Haley is really impressive and looking and sounding better each week. Surely she's not the one to get the Pia treatment?

After a less than remarkable Rihanna performance we learn that Paul gets 8th place and Stefano, once more, gets another chance. He deserves that.

It really should have been Jacob going but looks like we're stuck with him for another week of wailing.
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