Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fairly Easy Decisions For #TheVoiceUK Judges This Week

After two weeks I had forgotten what some of Tom's or Will's team sounded like. Maybe that says a lot.


I Put a Spell On you
Great song and, yes, she can sing, all notes where they should be and even one or two where you might not have expected them to go for good measure. But she's not going to win this thing. Just a bit ordinary and not really a star in the making.


Show The Love
Now she's modern, reminds me of Cher Lloyd from X Factor a couple of years ago. Not the best performance, though, and she's not going to get much further either.

Matt & Sueleen

An excellent version of this track and, however odd they look, this was actually a good performance. I still don't see them hitting the big time or winning this competition but they might just squeal through for another week.


You look at this girl and think 'Yes, she could make the big time'. there were good bits and some not so good bits. Nothing particularly special, though, and if she gets through it'll be purely because Will needs to have a girl on his team for a bit longer.


Next To Me
I know everyone's talking about this girl and how good she is and, yes, she is very remarkable, doing things with tunes that are quite extraordinary. Not always that great, though, and she does tend to mash up the lyrics so that you have no idea where she's going with the song or, for that matter, why. She's certainly one hell of a find for this programme and whoever styled her this week deserves a medal. She'll be through to next week.


Sign Your Name
Very well sung - his falsetto worked well. he's looking so much healthier than a few weeks ago and I'm beginning to see some decent talent there. He does still strike me as an 80s star returning to the stage but made a brave effort tonight and might get through if Will prefers him to Joelle.


High And Dry
This was good - he sings well, across a good range and can interpret the words well. One of the few modern artists in these two teams. He didn't come across as anything like as weird as last time and deserves to get through.


You're Amazing
Talented guy and a potential winner. he'll be around for a while. He's always spot-on, in tune and original, tonight mixing both tracks of the same name and doing that well.

Who knows what the voters will make of this lot? No-one actually grabs me really and the whole show was a bit of neither one thing nor the other, the highlight possibly being Will's team performance at the end. Usually those things are dreadful but he'd put a lot of effort into its production and it showed, Jazz and Tyler, interestingly, taking all the lead and getting virtually all the limelight.

My guess would be Jazz and Tyler from Will's team and Ruth and Adam from Tom's. Joelle and Matt & Sueleen might just scrape through in place of either Tyler or Adam but I'm pretty sure it's farewell to Leanne and Frances. The choice isn't exactly going to occupy my mind that much, though. It's all a bit forgettable. Things will improve as the numbers get whittled down.

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