Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Voice UK: Rather too much of the judges' voices (and dancing)

The producers really do seem to have trouble knowing how to start this programme. This time we get some very embarrassing dancing from the judges - and more than once too as they seem to have trouble staying seated at times. This show dragged horribly. Although Hollie is pretty quick with the announcement of the two at risk in each group, the time taken by both Jesse and Danny to explain how difficult it is to make a decision (when we all know they must have made their minds up some time before) and then to describe at length how each of the four is this or that and everybody's wonderful and everything in the garden is lovely.

Get on with it, guys! This is tedious viewing and the same old well-worn phrases are trotted out over and again. People say how much 'better' this is than X Factor but so far I don't see it. It's a flawed selection process and, whilst the weekly team competitions are sound enough, there's a need for some changes.

Anyway, I realised that the two I would have sent home were both in the same team! It was bye bye Ruth-Ann for sure. Instead of Vince (who got enough votes to be safe) it was between Max and Hannah on Danny's team to go. No competition there, it had to be bye bye Hannah.

That's about it. Not a great deal more worth writing about.
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