Monday, May 21, 2012

Wake up. TheVoiceUK has finished. You knew the results anyway.

Next year I suggest that The Voice UK might be better just as one of the rounds in X Factor UK as it really isn't turning into that brilliant a series. There are a few potential star acts remaining, though, so I'll do my best to stay awake long enough to keep you informed of developments.

This week it was the turn of Danny and Jessie to slice their teams in half. Difficult for Danny as he had four good acts. Difficult for Jessie as she only had one.

Danny's team


I think the title's Black House With A Cherry Tree. At least that was the main line of what seemed more like a traditional folk song turned into a 21st century track. Nicely done by Max, though, if not inspirational. This fellow is very comfortable on stage and, whilst not an amazing voice or a big new star in the making, he's a likeable chap and I'd like to see him in the final 8.


This is one of the best that the programme has found. Will praises her in style for her presentation of Love The Way You Lie which made Rihanna's seem positively boring. Rihanna needn't worry too much, though, as I can't see Bo doing the desk romp on Jonathan Ross any time soon. She's is, however, really good and current. You can imagine her selling her records now and definitely should be in the last 8 and, indeed, in the final 4.


Mr Laid Back. Good singer and, although he gets bundles of criticism for being chilled out and not prancing around, he did what he's good at and, strangely, his style is more likely to get him album sales at this time than many of the others. For some reason, though, other judges seem to think he's not making an effort.


A sort of older version of Matt Cardle. Very good singer and performer, doing Maroon V this week and doing it really professionally. In anyone else's team he'd be a natural for the semi-final. As it is he'll be famous for showing the world Holly's knickers.

Jessie's team


Yet another tired version of Turning Tables that wouldn't have got him past the first auditions on X Factor UK Very weak and instantly forgettable. In fact all I can recall now is the image of him being clutched by Holly and looking tiny, speaking to her at a height that any normal tv producer would have said was just plain wrong.


Some reggae take on My love Is Your Love or something like that. UB40 have been there, done that. I know it's supposed to be about the voice but, really, no sleeve T shirt and arm pits on show do nothing for me at all. All just too plain ugly. I don't know how he survive the last round.


Seven Nation Army. Now here is talent. This girl will go far. She's today, natural, unbridled as well as being a bit stupid, just right for the teen market. You give her a track and she delivers it in a unique way, makes a few mistakes as she prances around and has yet to learn some microphone technique but she could definitely make someone some money. Simon Cowell should put a bid in for her before Jesse takes her down in case she takes her market away.


This is the girl with no hair. She is so shiny. A good singer but all a bit much, nothing that really grabs you and says that she is something special.

The results show, despite being live, was broadcast after most of us had a pretty good idea of some of the names going through, thanks to some poorly managed publicity by the Jesse team and Will's twitter account!

Danny gets Bo from the public vote and chooses Max - good choices but images of a very sullen Alex won't have done his career much good.

Jesse gets given Vince. How the hell did he come first in the public vote? Weird. She chooses Becky to join him in the semi-final. at least she got that bit right.

So that's it. Not an inspiring night and the viewing figures are reflecting that. Things ought to improve now that the remaining acts should be a bit more capable of entertaining without the need for the judges to prance around with their teams or get hugely different people to attempt a sing-a-long.

As future votes are purely down to the public, you do have to remember the four that won through on that basis: Ruth, Jazz, Bo and Vince must stand a good chance. Becky is the only one I would add to that list in place of the awful Vince. If they made the votes such that it was the top four that go through, rather than one from each team, then Max might also stand a chance.

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