Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Voice UK: If You Recorded It Just Play The Last 3 Tracks..

Mercifully no singing judges this week. Two more to go home tonight, one from each of Danny and Jesse's teams. That shouldn't be too difficult and even if the voters get it wrong I get the feeling Will's already got plans to get some on his books anyway. Jesse looks really pretty in the recorded mentor shots but tonight in the chair she looks like she's just dropped in after doing some vacuuming.


Proud Mary
So many artists wear wigs whether they've actually got any hair or not. Someone needs to tell her it's OK and will make her mouth less obvious as it is huge. Anyway what came out of it was a stop start, oh what shall I do now affair. Screech, yes, that's a good idea. And wave my hands about. Energetic. In tune, sure. But all a bit boring. Jessica did a far more impressive and professional version on American Idol this week. If they both released the record Jessica's would be the hit.


Free Fallin'
Annoying audience. Excellent and different version of the Tom petty number. Reliable and very competent guy. Nice job. He'll be around for a while.


Promise This
Tough song. Oddly out of tune and no rhythm. Pretty awful and not saved by some fancy notes at the end either, however good they were. Tom says "There's things in an 18 year old that come out." OK.


Cry Me A River
You could tell from the start that she knew what she was doing. Or at least I thought I could but then she changed completely and that was odd. Back on track for a while but she never actually returned to the amazingly smart start she'd made. She's good. I didn't like it but she should stay, if the voters get it.


Always On My Mind
Classic, beautiful song. Crap, ugly treatment by this guy.


Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Remarkable. Loved it. laid back, very cool, junior Brat pack member there.


Not many people cover Coldplay songs. Cassius can't either. He could be good but needs to try something else next week. Luckily, he'll get a chance with Ruth-Ann in Jesse's team.


Sweet Disposition
No idea where this comes from but it's great. Nice track - difficult but very well performed by this guy who comes across as one of the best this week. And by quite a way out of those we've seen so far.


Good Luck
This girl is a natural. Rough and ready. Performs out of the box and you can see she's really enjoying being good at what she does. Owned not just the stage but several platforms around it too. Very well done.


Running Up That Hill
Wow. This lady is fabulous. Everyone sat spellbound as she weaved some kind of magic with this song. Absolutely perfectly delivered and, yes, with genuine passion too. Another ready-made star tonight.

Bye Ruth-Ann and Vince. Hello Max, David, Becky and Bo.

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