Friday, March 04, 2011

American Idol 10 12 minus 7 girls

Nerves dominated the girls' night out. All but a few really were nothing like as good as I'd expected. You could almost sense the relaxation amongst the boys as they could sit back for the night and have the added luxury of watching some good looking girls perform. During auditions, I could find plenty of candidates for the male Top 12 but struggled with the girls, at one point having only three I could generate much enthusiasm for. In the latter stages we began to see one or two who'd been hidden on MySpace previously or just hidden by the producers for effect perhaps, and I could add a couple more to the possibles list.

Ta-Tynisa  ♪ 4 ☼8½
Pretty and comfortable in the spotlight but unfortunately she was really 'pitchy' as Randy would say and, in fact, did say. I like this girl but that performance may not be good enough to see her through. She's an act that will have to depend on how well or not so well the others do.

Naima Adedapo ♪ 5½ ☼7
Now that's what I call 'being comfortable on the stage'! A highly original girl who puts her own stamp on everything she does. Again, some notes were way off which no-one  should be allowed to to Sumertime and I don't see that being that well received. She got there in the end which might help her.

Kendra Chantelle ♪ 1 ☼5
Someone I didn't really think should have made the Top 24. It's Impossible was the title and that sure was how I felt trying to find something to like in this performance other than watching her with the sound down. That was not good and she'll only deserve to get through on looks.

Rachel Zevita ♪8 ☼6
A superb stage presence, surprising as I hadn't seen that before in her. Unusual song, panned by the judges but I thought she'd shown real talent and the whole thing was professional and endearing. She may not get the votes from a traditional AI audience, though.

Karen Rodriguez ♪4 ☼7
I thought she was playing it safe with Hero and a little bit of Spanish too. The audience seemed to like it but I found it boring and, quite frankly, tuneless. She seems a popular girl but I just don't see her going far even if she does make the Top 5 girls. To give her the benefit of the doubt this week I'll hope it was all just nerves.

Lauren Turner ♪9 ☼6½
This was the first real performance that worked and made me feel as if the girl was entitled to a place in this competition. Well done. I would never have predicted that Lauren would be the first one I'd rate with a more than average score tonight.

Ashton Jones ♪6½ ☼7
Started well and with some confidence but the song dragged a bit. She ought to get through and perhaps she'll get some new promo pics sorted now.

Julie Zorilla ♪3 ☼8
This lovely girl brought a ray of sunshine to the stage but, oh dear, all the wrong notes came with her. This was one of my early favourites but something seriously went wrong tonight. So sad but she won't make one of those five places. Almost everyone seemed disappointed with the dark-haired Barbie.

Haley Reinhart ♪9 ☼8½
Love this girl more and more every time I see her. Another of the few that really did show original talent and actually sounded good. In fact, I'd so far as to say she was the outstanding act of the night - although I haven't heard Pia or Laura Alaina yet.

Thia Megia ♪10 ☼7
They certainly savd the best til later. Thia is a fabulous singer and so showed up the rest tonight. Very very good. She is through. A winner? I'm not sure. But we'll hear a lot more of her.

Lauren Alaina ♪8 ☼9
Bags of energy. Great. Complete contrast, in a good way, to Thia. Natural talent. She'll do well. She and Thia have just blown two more out of the competition in 5 miinutes!

Pia Toscano ♪7 ☼8½
I heard her performance as an mp3 yesterday. It was a lot better to watch her. I just wish she'd actually hit those big notes. Love her but need all fingers crossed to get her through. Another of my earlier favourites who really impressed in auditions and exuded what I'd hope would be real talent and professionalism that's needed to get to the final few. Another who, sadly, just didn't either choose or prepare well tonight and in the harsh cuts ould be one of the 7, not one of the 5.

My prediction? A tough one, this. I'll go for:
Haley | Thia | Lauren A | Pia | Lauren T and hope Rachel or Ta-Tynisa or Ashton get the wild card.
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