Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol 13 become 12

30 million votes. I'd love the see the breakdown. That'll earn the producers enough to keep the set looking sparkly and pay the contestants their $3000 a show. I wonder if they still get that if they're voted off? Anyway, here we go - the first one to go is ...

Karen, Ashton and Haley were the bottom three. The judges could have used their one-off 'save' but they didn't, probably just as well. Ashton was never going to win. I'd have preferred them to have given Tatynisa a chance.

The 'let's all dance around and smile a lot' intro was an odd Michael Jackson affair. Poor old Scotty must have wondered what on earth he was supposed to do but luckily the cameras didn't pick him up for more than a couple of notes which he was probably actually singing while the rest mimed along. Pia got a good centre-stage spot again and the others flapped about. It didn't last long, thank goodness and wasn't terribly out of tune like most of last year's efforts.

Ryan had a new script to follow for the "Dim the lights" bit and was none too comfortable with it. He pulled two groups of three out and confused everyone pretty pointlessly. Strangely seven found themselves safe by simply not being called out and he even had to persuade them to celebrate a bit. Weird. Bet they change that next week. Casey's suffering still which is a bit sad. With possibly the same problem myself I feel for him and wish him well.

Adam Lambert was superb with a new version of one of the songs he's written himself. A totally assured guy, possibly one of the greatest finds of the series, showed the others how to get notes right and a message across. Someone else with a weird name performed too - the only memorable bit being the groovy intro girl.

Interesting to see that they'd put a farewell package together for her before knowing that the judges wouldn't save her. Suppose they could have done that for all of them. A quick bit of David Cook, too, with a reasonable-sounding version of Don't You Forget About Me at the end.
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