Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bird that tweets far too much...

Thia Megia is certainly a talented young lady and, whilst I don't see her winning, I have been pretty kind in my reviews to date. However, although I don't get to see the Elton John track show until tomorrow here in the UK and the betting seems pretty firmly to indicate that it'll be Haley and Naima who disappear this week, Thia really does need to sing not tweet and won't have endeared herself to supporters today!

I think she is only the second person I have had to 'unfollow' on Twitter following my stream being virtually taken over by scores of pretty meaningless and silly tweets from her (or maybe her helicopter mother).

The excellent MJ's blog airs exactly the same sentiment. So she's now going to have to be pretty damn amazing to make up, assuming she survives, of course!

I have no idea what songs they'll all be doing but I can imagine Scotty, still out as the favourite, doing Your Song and Pia standing still and throwing Candle In The Wind at us. Please don't let Paul Crocodile Rock all we'll all get confused watching his legs move independently of either the music of the rest of his limbs. I'd love to see Lauren or James hit Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting but they probably won't. Nikita is probably my favourite but I don't expect anyone will do that. The Bitch Is Back  now there's an option for someone and, of course, Someone Saved My Life Tonight will suit Casey really well, all things considered. I just pray that Jacob is kept well away from Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me and everyone from The Circle of Life.
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