Sunday, March 06, 2011

American Idol The Top 13

So we finally got to know who made it to what is a Top 13 after a good three shows where we did actually get to hear what each of the 24 could do when left to their own devices for more than a few bars.

My predictions were pretty damn good, I must say! For the boys, the public voted through Casey, Scotty, James, Jacob and Paul with Stefano added by the judges. The girls: Haley, Pia, Thia, Lauren A and Karen on public votes and Naima and Ashton from the judges.

Paul and Karen clearly got more public support that I'd expected, Paul for a pretty quirky performance too that I didn't expect to appeal much at all. Karen wasn't outstanding but does have this thing about appealing to the Latinos each week and will probably be doing Abba in Spanish in a few weeks. I'm a bit surprised that neither Tim, Brett or Jordan got to have another go as they all seemed to have a lot of support individually and had been pretty impressive in previous rounds. Anyway, now it's down to who gets to the last four. I am scratching my head trying to recall who won last year - I know Crystal was second but, and this just goes to prove something, I have no clue who beat her!

Betfair have the following odds at the time of writing:

Lauren 5.4
Casey 7
Scotty 8
Pia 8
Jacob 9.4
Paul 10
Thia 10
James 12
and the others between 30 and 55

Naima or Ashton being tipped as the first elimination. No real surprises so far, therefore.

I think it's between Lauren and Thia for the girls, maybe Haley if she chooses well. And between Casey and Stefano for the boys. Jacob's great but I can see the American public getting tired of the big old chap's meandering style after a while. The outsider is James who is damn talented but we've yet to see anything controlled and not every round will suit the screaming. Adam Lambert was brilliant and should have won in his year. I don't think James is as good nor does he have the intelligence or star quality but . .  who knows? This, as Ryan would say, is American Idol! Enjoy.
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