Friday, March 25, 2011

American Idol 11 stay 11

Well, I seem to have got that right. The voters sure hammered Casey but he got saved in a pretty remarkable evening that, rightly in my view, saw all through to the all-important tour. Stefano and Thia were the other recipients of the lowest votes but my guess is that there probably wasn't a great deal separating Thia from the others and I wouldn't draw any conclusions from that.

Next week two will go. On current betting it would be Haley and Naima who, at 70-1 and 120-1 respectively, really do seem to be regarded as having no chance whatsoever. Scotty, Pia, James and Lauren are the only contenders according to Betfair at the time of writing. I update the odds on their pictures in the separate page of this blog.
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