Monday, February 22, 2016

Cheer up, Italy. You nearly won last year.

I don't know whether Francesca is looking angry because the lyrics require it or that she is none too impressed by the crappy graphics in this disappointing and slightly indulgent video. Luckily she'll be able just to sing on stage or, at least, have a nice background or something like everyone else seems to be getting.

If you can ignore whatever is or isn't going on amongst the annoying people on screen, this song is very good and extremely well sung. It is truly Italian and some will find it a bit old-fashioned but the three tenors took Italy very close to winning last year with a much older style number. Indeed, theirs was the most popular of all with the voting audiences across Europe. And maybe Australia.

This girl just doesn't have the appeal of those guys, though, and there is a certain sombreness in the track that the Ukraine entry could have done with. I wouldn't want to upset this girl and wouldn't be at all surprised if she didn't come from Sicily. Great number and I hope she does well but I fear it will struggle to reach Top 12 this time.

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