Monday, February 29, 2016

Whistling chaps with light sabres will get Freddie in the Final for Hungary

I've included Freddie's video as I think it will one that stands a chance of being popular on the night. He is one of several earnest and earthy and pretty good-looking chaps on the Eurovision stage this year, attempting to follow on, rather than in, I suppose, the heels of last year's winner.

One day they'll realise that in Eurovision every year seems totally different to the last so it doesn't make any sense to copy what someone won with but never mind, they might at least still get decent points.

Three blokes whistling is a risky move as whistling live never works well but good luck to them and it adds a catchy bit. Quite what the man with the huge drum is doing I do not know. He seems never to hit the damn thing properly or, if he does, no noise emerges. The three whistlers also have light sabres. OK, that'll put Freddie in the Final.
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